Check Out These 11 Awesome Hidden Features Of Google

Google is great. That’s not a secret.
But the search giant can do more than you think.

For example, did you know you could make your Google Translator beatbox in German? How about give you an easier way to track packages?

These totally cool hidden features of Google just make us love it more.

Change up your email address with periods; Google doesn't recognise them as characters.

Search the word 'askew' and see what happens.

Google's calculator knows all. Just search 'the loneliest number.'

Did you know Google has a special Klingon search for Trekkies?

If your school or office stops you from logging on to certain sites, just type '' into the search box and avoid the block.

Track your packages! Enter any tracking number into Google search and it will show you where your mail is. No need to login to USPS or FedEx anymore.

Play games on YouTube! Simply type in '1980' while watching any YouTube video and fight attackers from blowing up the video.

Take flight! Visit Google Earth and press CTRL + Option + A .

Make Google beatbox! Type a variation of the letters you see below into Google Translate and click 'listen'.

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