Here's Everything Apple Didn't Tell You About Mountain Lion

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AirPlay mirroring, dictation, and Notification centre stole the show during the Mountain Lion portion of Apple’s WWDC keynote last week.With more than 200 new features, there’s still a lot to unpack with Apple’s new desktop operating system.

It was impossible for Apple to cover everything during the presentation, so check out these other features that will enhance your Mac experience this July.


AutoSave will make sure you never lose your work again.

Mountain Lion will also save your documents in the cloud even if you forget to title them.

Improved Dashboard

Mountain Lion will allow you to browse for widgets directly inside dashboard with a built-in browser. Now you wont have leave to find useful widgets.

Being able to search through widgets you have downloaded already will be another great addition.

Facebook Integration

Facebook will be part of Mountain Lion, just like it will be part of iOS 6 on the iPhone and iPad. Post pictures, video, and more directly from your desktop.

Game centre

Game centre lets you share game stats and scores with other friends. It began on the iPhone and iPad, but will make its way to the desktop in Mountain Lion.

In the OS X version there will be a Game centre app, leaderboards, in-game voice chat, and parental controls helping you to connect with friends like never before.


Gatekeeper increases the overall security when installing apps.

It lets you choose to only download apps from the App Store, giving you better protection against malware. You can also select to only download apps from trusted developers outside the App Store.

Deeper iCloud integration

With deeper iCloud integration you can automatically set up your computer by simply signing in with your iCloud ID. You'll have access to all information that has been stored in the cloud.

You'll also have access to the iCloud Document Library, built-in sharing, and easy sorting of those documents.

Mac App Store improvements

Now OS X software updates will come through the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store will automatically download these App updates and OS X software updates so they're ready to be installed.

Users can also download an app on one computer and have it automatically appear on all their machines.


You can search the notes, make them full screen, share, organise by folders, format with bullets, different fonts, links and more. Your notes will also sync to your iPhone or iPad via iCloud.

Full screen on any display

If you have a secondary display connected to your Mac, you can take an app full screen on either display.

Photo Stream screen saver

Now the pictures you take on your iPhone and iPad can be displayed wireless on your computer's screen save.

You can show off your most recent family vacation as your computer sleeps.

Backup to multiple locations using Time Machine

Now when you use Time Machine you don't have back up to just one location or one hard drive.

Use the app to back up to multiple hard drives so your data is always secure.

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