Check Out These 10 Hidden Features In Apple's New Mobile Operating System

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Photo: cass via Flickr

iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, reportedly goes live at 1 PM EST today.In light of that, here are 10 features that were a little less than publicized.

You won't be prompted every time for your password when you download an app

You'll only have to enter your password once per 'session.' Download a bunch of apps at a time and only enter your password once.

Downloading a new app doesn't close the App Store

Instead of downloading a new app and immediately being taken to your home screen to monitor the app's download progress, you stay active inside of the App Store.

Reading List works offline–you'll never see this message again.

Instead of navigating through several menus to access it, Bluetooth settings appear right at the front of the Settings app.

Specially-formatted mobile sites can be turned sideways into landscape mode.

Safari has a reworked menu for more sharing options.

You can use a song as an alarm if you want.

You can now set a different email signature for each address you manage on your device.

iOS 6 is pretty cool, but what about the hardware?

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