Someone Is Leaving Hidden Bitcoin Wallets All Over San Francisco, Including At Mark Zuckerberg's House

The Hidden Cash treasure hunt phenomenon has gone digital.

In May, someone started hiding envelopes of cash all over San Francisco, and now someone is leaving bitcoin wallets around the city, sending people on a digital scavenger hunt.

The hunt is appropriately called @SFHiddenBitcoin.

The wallets are aluminium cards, with a bitcoin address and corresponding private key that can be imported to the wallet of the person who finds the card. Each card is worth around $US20, according to Coinbrief. But there’s no telling whether the prizes will remain consistent.

The hunt will continue around the city at least for the entire month of July.

Just like the original, Hidden Bitcoin leaves clues through its Twitter account. Once a wallet is found, it’s announced on Twitter and people have to wait till another clue is given.

And the bitcoin wallets are hidden all over the city — including, it appears, at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s house:

This isn’t the only scavenger hunt going on in the Bay Area right now, either. This weekend people with a valid medical marijuana card can participate in Quest Hunt, a cannabis scavenger hunt where the prize is, you guessed it, marijuana.

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