A Hidden Feature In The New Version Of Android Could Lead To Free Wi-Fi Calls, Voicemails, And Messages -- No Data Plan Required

The new version of Android, Android L, has been available for developers to test since last week’s I/O developer conference. Since that time, some hidden features have surfaced.

The biggest discovery yet could soon let Android users with Google Voice accounts make free phone calls and receive voicemails all through Google Hangouts.

Basically, this means Android users don’t need to purchase an expensive data plan, as their (free) Google Voice account will be able to send and receive calls over Wi-Fi — with voicemail included.

For those looking to easily trim down their monthly phone bills, this could be a huge feature.

Here’s the screenshot prompting users to “Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts.”

Reddit user dude2k5 first discovered evidence of the Voice and Hangouts integration, using the debug menu to reveal the hidden prompt.

It’s important to note that screenshots can be faked, but AndroidPolice recently reported similar traces of Google Voice and Hangouts integration, which leads us to believe this could eventually be the real deal. Apple is also introducing a similar Wi-Fi feature in iOS 8, which will launch later this year.

Google could still choose to limit the extent of the migration or even prevent users from being able to make phone calls when they officially release Android L later this year, but the inclusion of voicemail suggests a complete migration for those users.

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