An HGTV star says a burglar broke into her house and left poop behind — twice

Aaron Rapoport/Corbis via Getty ImagesHGTV stars Karen Laine and daughter Mina Starsaik. The duo share the spotlight on their show ‘Good Bones.’
  • HGTV star Karen Laine said that her Indianapolis home has been the target of three burglaries.
  • During her daughter’s backyard wedding last Saturday, a burglar allegedly entered Laine’s garage, stole some items, and left behind a spiteful surprise: poop in a bucket.
  • It’s actually the second time an intruder has left faeces in the “Good Bones” host’s home.
  • Authorities are testing the faecal matter to identify the poopetrator.
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Karen Laine is best known as the star of the HGTV show “Good Bones,” where she and her daughter renovate houses in the Indianapolis area.

The series made her a local celebrity. But recently, she’s become the target in a series of bizarre burglaries.

Laine told a local Fox affiliate that her home has been broken into three times. Two out of three times, she added, the intruder left behind a stinky surprise.

“Last Saturday, someone came in, stole more things, and pooped in the garage,” Laine told Fox 59 of the most recent incident.

Laine didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

The poopetrator allegedly slipped onto the property while the family celebrated the wedding of Laine’s youngest daughter, Kelsey Grey, in the backyard. (Laine’s other daughter, Mina Starsaik, is her “Good Bones” co-host.)

Gaining access through an unlocked gate, the culprit seems to have rifled through the garage — and the adjoining bathroom — before defecating in a bucket, according to Laine.

The intentionality of the crime vexed Laine. “They know we have a bathroom,” Laine said. “That’s what makes it feel personal.”

Authorities are testing the faecal matter to try and connect someone to the crime.

The first time Laine’s home was burglarized, she said, her husband’s bike was taken from the garage. That time, too, the suspect reportedly left behind faeces in a bucket. The next time, someone allegedly entered the house itself and stole Laine’s purse.

Laine, who is also a former prosecutor, said: “This is probably not the house you want to burglarize, because I was immediately on the case.”

She alerted police to where her stolen credit cards were being used.

As a result, Laine added, authorities were able to recover security footage of establishments where the cards were used, which could help in identifying the pooping perpetrator.

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