HGTV's Facebook Page Is Under Attack After It Used An American Flag As A Table Cloth

hgtv flag facebookThe image HGTV used when suggesting people turn American flags into table cloths.

HGTV fans are outraged over the home design channel’s latest decorating tip of spicing up dining room decor by using an American flag as a tablecloth.¬†Even after the company issued a Facebook apology, consumers are still raging.

Consumers flooded the network’s Facebook page with negative comments after reading HGTV’s suggestion to “Drape a large American flag over the table as a bright and festive table runner. Use a nylon flag so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole.”

People were stunned. 

HGTV FacebookAnd disgusted.

HGTV FacebookMaybe HGTV just didn’t get flag etiquette.

HGTV FacebookIs HGTV just “stupid?”

HGTV Facebook

HGTV FacebookIs it … Canadian?

Either way, people were not having it.

HGTV FacebookSo HGTV did what companies need to do in times of a social media crisis. It issued a Facebook apology post.

HGTV FacebookNot everyone bought it.

HGTV FacebookOthers that did are demanding more. Namely, punishment. HGTV hasn’t said whether any staff were disciplined:

HGTV FacebookBut most of the people who directly replied to HGTV’s apology had other fish to fry:

HGTV Facebook

HGTV Facebook

HGTV Facebook

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