There's A Guy At Saks Who Will Pair Your *Tie* With A Nice Bottle Of Wine

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Photo: Linette Lopez, Business Insider

The next time you’re shopping for the perfect shirt/tie combination, understand that you’re underachieving.According to the Wall Street Journal, there’s a man at Saks that knows you could go further (and thus, do better). His name is Armand Olivier Bell, and he will not only pair your tie with the right shirt, but also with appropriate wine.

Bell was born in Cameroon but moved to Italy and eventually studied in Paris before moving New York City. He says the hardest tie colour to pair with is gold, but either way, he has you covered.

Are you a Charvet man?

“You wear a Charvet on a special occasion—or for your first job in finance,” he said. He held up a dark-blue tie and said blue is the most versatile colour. What’s the match? “Haut Brion,” he declared, naming another famous first-growth Bordeaux. “It’s a classic wine,” he said before adding (rather unnecessarily, I thought): “But you have to have money, of course.”


“A bottle of Sauternes would be good, or perhaps a simpler wine like Monbazillac,” he said, naming two sweet wines, one famous and expensive, one not. (Sauternes is the great sweet wine of Bordeaux; Monbazillac is made in a region of the same name in southwestern France.)

Bell said the Saks brand tie, of course, goes with everything. But when the WSJ asked him what tie would go with a nice American wine from New York or California he could only respond:

We don’t have anything made in China,” replied Mr. Bell.

OK, then.

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