Hey travellers, You Won't Believe The Draconian Security Measures Coming Your Way

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Yesterday’s failed terrorist attack on board a flight into Detroit can only mean one thing: more intense security measures.

What they will entail is not yet clear, but from the rumours going around, if you thought that eliminating little water bottles and taking off your shoes seemed excessive, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

International flights, in particular, are going to be brutal.

Blogger Xeni Jardin is tweeting some of the new rules being announced on a Delta international flight.

Among them:

  • No electronics in the last hour of the flight.
  • No getting up in last hour of the flight (at all, not even to go to the bathroom).
  • No helping kids or the elderly in adjacent rows during the last hour of the flight.

And this is just on-board. In Canada they’re doing full-body searches of every passengers now. It’s probably safe to say that security will get much tighter here as well.

Basically this is going to suck. Watch the airline stocks Monday, and maybe think about upgrading your teleconferencing technology at the office.

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