HEY, TRAFFIC NERDS: Google’s New Ads For Its Analytics Are Hilarious

Google sarcastic girl
Google’s annoying search girl.

[credit provider=”Google / YouTube”]

Google — via its in-house Google Creative Lab — is maturing into quite the charming advertiser. The search giant just released three hilarious videos touting Google Analytics. (That’s the traffic measurement suite that you’re likely familiar with if you work on the tech side of a web site.)Each ad demonstrates what it would be like trying to buy groceries if the supermarket behaved the same way the internet does. Sample dialog:

Shopper: Hello, I’m just after some semi-skimmed milk.

Gum-chewing info desk girl: Your search for semi-skimmed milk returned zero results?

And so on.

The one featuring a hapless bloke trying to buy a jar of olives — “Error: The olives you are looking for could not be found” — is a classic.