Hey, PR Folks, Here's A Pitch We Actually Read And Didn't Hate

Carrie Prejean

We never cease to be astonished at the parallel universe that many PR folks inhabit, in which “doing a good job” apparently entails spamming journalists with emails headlined “Story Idea” and then laying out an indescribably boring pitch and “offering” their client as an expert.I mean, wake up, folks!

If your client has something interesting to say, get them to SAY IT. In a blog post, for example. Or on Business Insider (we’re happy to publish anything interesting your client has to say–under their byline, with a fabulous picture and bio and links back to their site).  Just write it out and send it to us and we’ll publish it.

But in any event…

Here’s a pitch we got today that we read and didn’t hate:


Hi there,

Wanted to let you know that Blekko launched the first official “Spam Clock.” It’s designed to give a representation of how quickly the Web is being littered with trash.

Honestly, it’s a problem that deserves more attention than it is getting. Soon, surfing the web will be a worse experience than email. And spam is quickly becoming responsible for a kind of global sweatshop where people are paid little more than a nickel for creating web pages designed to do nothing but display advertising.

Rich has a good blog post on this too: http://www.skrenta.com/.

Let us know what you think. You can view the clock at http://www.spamclock.com/.


Sarah Prejean
SutherlandGold Group

Why did we read that one?

Well, frankly, we opened it accidentally, but we enjoyed the second sentence about the web being “littered with trash,” so we kept reading. 


Well, first, because this is a hot topic. (Google’s search results becoming wrecked by SPAM and SEO-gaming, etc.)  Lots of folks have been writing about it lately, and people actually care about it.  Including us.

Second, it was written in English, not lame-o PR-speak.

Third, it’s surprisingly aggressive for a PR note. Sarah Prejean, whoever she is, just implicitly insulted a whole bunch of companies, none of whom will presumably ever hire her.  (Like Demand Media, for instance, which we assume is the company Ms. Prejean is kneecapping when she says “a kind of global sweatshop where people are paid little more than a nickel for creating web pages designed to do nothing but display advertising.”) We like ballsy punch-throwing in a PR person!

And then, last, of course, we kept reading because we recognised the name “Blekko” and we even know who “Rich” is. (Skrenta, the founder of Blekko, a search engine that says it is better than Google).

We still think Blekko’s pretty much toast, but this meme that Blekko has either started or is benefitting from–that the web has become a trash dump and Google has been hijacked by SPAMMERS and MARKETERS and OTHER SCUMBAGS–is certainly helping their cause.

And maybe Ms. Prejean is responsible for that.  If so, she’s earning her keep!

(No, we haven’t clicked the links above.  But the idea of a SPAM clock sounds pretty cool.)

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