MOBILE MARKETERS: Here's When Users Are Most Likely To Unsubscribe From Text Campaigns

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Photo: Ollie Crafoord on Flickr

A new study has pinpointed when consumers are the most likely to unsubscribe from your SMS campaign.

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Cellit, ePrize’s mobile division, analysed 1,180 national retailers’ campaigns over 450 days between 2011 and Q1 2012 to see what mobile marketing techniques work, and what don’t.

“Mobile marketing is no longer in the ‘test’ phase,” David Wachs, svp of mobile and general manager at Cellit, told Mobile Commerce Daily. According to the “Retail Benchmark Report,” an SMS campaign is eight times more likely to get a response than an email—and it drives in-store sales. 

So how do marketers make sure consumers don’t click on “unsubscribe”?

  • First of all, avoid weekends. The study said that subscribers opt out of the SMS campaigns at significantly higher rates on weekends than they do during the week. Eighteen out of 1,000 mobile users unsubscribe on weekdays compared to 85 out of 1,000 on weekends.
  • Furthermore, the study said that unsubscribe rates are at their lowest for mobile CRM programs when retailers send up to two messages per week during peak seasons but no more than four messages a month in non-peak seasons.

So pick your texts wisely.

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