Hey Goldman Bankers, This Craigslist 'Missed Connection' Might Be About One Of You

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To those of you alpha dogs reading at 200 West Street—were you by chance walking out of the building at 3:30 pm this Wednesday? Did you see a young woman check you out? Did you check her out back? For longer than she checked you out?Well, she noticed, and now this 23 year old woman is taking her search to the Craigslist personals to look for her mysterious and handsome Goldman banker. (h/t Dealbreaker)

She posted the following ad on Craigslist:

I was entering the building for the interview and you were leaving the building… 
around 3 30pm…and we looked at each other for a while… I looked back and you also looked back…..actually I think you did longer.

I thought you are cute to be a banker…. my interviewer was a female so no way to compare the cuteness of employees of the firm but I am pretty sure you are in the top tranche……..

If you consider yourself among the “top tranche” of Goldman lookers, please think about helping this anonymous lovestruck individual out. Answer her Craigslist ad >

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