Hey, Fired WSJ Editors, We Have Awesome Jobs For Two of You!

Dear fired WSJ editors: We’re sorry Murdoch canned you. But we have great opportunities for two of you. In a rapidly growing journalism business, to boot.

Specifically, we’re looking for Editors for two of our new sites:



The Business Sheet

Clusterstock‘s a financial news and analysis site (with fun headlines), so it’s probably right up your alley. The Business Sheet is Economist-meets-TMZ (or, as one of our investors more politely puts it, The People Magazine of Business.) The latter will allow you to write the kind of stuff you always really wanted to write but couldn’t because you worked at the Journal.

Both sites are in early beta, and we need you to help us build them and make them great. One warning: Editors in our business write in addition to edit–so if you just want to sit around on your duff and tell other people what to write, we can’t help you. The kind of writing we do here is fun, however, so we’re hoping you’re actually excited about that. Another warning: This is real-time journalism–the 25-30 stories per day variety. If you hate the sound of that, you’d better find a dying newspaper to work for.

In any event, we’re sorry for your loss, but we’re looking forward to hearing from you. And, of course, you can apply even if you didn’t get sacked by the Journal...or happen to work somewhere else.

Interested? Please send me a note at [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

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