Hey Facebook Users... Anyone Out There Like Beacon?

Dave McClure suggests that the reason we’re frustrated that Facebook has yet to offer  a universal “opt-out” feature on the controversial new Beacon feature is that we’re old fogies. It is true that at least one of us is ancient (over 40), but we have some 30-something and 20-something whippersnappers on staff, too. But let’s give Dave’s hypothesis a try.

Dear Young Facebook Users:

We crotchety old fogies would love to know how you feel about Beacon. Specifically, did you like it as it was first deployed–back when you had to opt out within seconds each time you purchased something? Like us, were you intrigued by the idea but infuriated that Facebook gave you no way to turn it off? Do you like it better now, after Facebook’s hasty revisions? Would you, like us, prefer to see Facebook offer a universal opt-out feature?

Please email your thoughts to [email protected] or enter them in the Comments below. Thanks in advance: We seniors are grateful for your thoughts.

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