Hey College Seniors: This Is What Will Happen Once You Graduate

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Ok college seniors, there’s good news and there’s bad news.The good news is your peers are finding jobs faster than in years prior. The bad news is the job market still stinks.

A lot of you will be moving home after graduation and having to hit up mum and dad for cash. Many of you will end up in jobs that don’t require four-year degrees.

Staffing firm Adecco called up 500+ of your recently graduated peers and asked them about their job searches.

Here are the good (and bad) results.

7 out of 10 of you will wish you had prepared more for the real world during school.

Only 57% of you wil have full-time jobs.

One-third of you will live with your parents.

One-fifth of you will be financially dependent on your parents (17%).

For many of you, your degrees won't matter. One-third of you will land full-time jobs that don't require them.

Your peers who graduated in 2010 have applied, on average, to 14+ jobs since graduation

But they found jobs faster than the grads before them. The average search took 2010 grads less than 4 months compared to 9.2 months for 2008 grads.

A job's starting salary will be what matters most to you (34%)

A quarter of you (26%) think you'll have to work 8+ jobs before retiring. Most of you (81%) think Social Security will be non-existent by then.

Women will feel more successful at the end of their job searches (45%) than men (36%).

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