Hey, Brooklynites: Time Warner Cable Upgraded Your Cable Box Today


Time Warner Cable (TWC) rolled out its newer “Mystro” software on digital set-top boxes today in Brooklyn and Queens.

What does that means?

  • Access to the TWC “Start Over” feature, which lets you start a show from the beginning, even if you weren’t recording it on DVR. This feature seamlessly accesses an on-demand stream, which means you can’t skip commercials.
  • A slightly prettier user interface.
  • A new foundation that TWC can use to build more digital features in the future, including levelling the playing field among different types and generations of set-top boxes.
  • More features, as Selfish mum outlines here.

The big idea is that Time Warner Cable is taking a small, but much-needed step toward improving its user interface and digital features.

We rib cable companies all the time for their crappy user interfaces and program guides. Nice to see even modest improvements.

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