Hey Biz Stone, Here's How To Sell Search Ads On Twitter

bizstone tbi

Because Twitter Search is a nifty tool for finding short product reviews and links to longer ones, we think that the SF-based startup could make a killing by selling ads against Twitter search results pages.

In an interview with Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, CEO Biz Stone said the idea “might make sense.”

“The one thing that might make sense are search results pages, but I’m not sure we know exactly yet what that might look at.” 

We have some ideas:

  • Clearly labelled “Sponsored Tweets” interspersed directly within the search results.
  • Old-fashioned sidebar ads (contextual, of course).
  • For certain keywords, full-page skins that cover the entire result page and change with each search.

However it ends up, this is a great idea. Once upon a time, Google was in similar straits: big user base, exponential growth, and no business model. Its solution? AdWords, a self-service program where users bid on and pay to place advertising next to particular keywords in the search results page. 

To this day, AdWords is one of the primary drivers of Google’s massive $8 billion annual cash flow

The most important thing is that Search Ads actually add––rather than detract––value to the user experience. When we’re searching for “Iraq body armour,” we don’t want to see a banner ad for Jaguar. Not so when we’re searching for luxury cars.


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