Hey Big Shot, Your Ego Is Ruining Golf For Everyone Else

Bad LieYour lie after hitting from the tips

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The USGA, the Golden Bear, and legendary clubmaker Barney Adams all think you, Mr. Amateur Golfer, should be playing from the tees that are closer to the fairway.They think you’ll have more fun navigating the course the way pros do, and that it will speed up the game for everyone else.

You agree with this line of thinking.

But you think it applies to everyone but you.

That’s because you, Mr. Tough Guy with an 18 handicap and 4 penalties per round, think you are not one of those duffers playing from the wrong tees.

You think YOU are liable to drive the green if you play too far forward.

You are wrong.

You are wrong and it’s driving Barney Adams nuts. He tells Golf Digest the male ego is “the highest hurdle” to his plan.

“Amateurs who think they can hit pro-type shots and want to play from back tees don’t realise that with equipment advances they’re farther behind where pros hit the ball than ever. What was maybe a 40-yard difference 25 years ago is now 75 yards.”

“Those are the guys who say, ‘Gee, Barney, you have a great idea. I hope they do something about it.’ I say to them, ‘Who the hell is THEY? YOU’RE they.’ “

Confident enough in your masculinity that you’re willing to play the correct tees and not be one of the jerks slowing everyone else down? Here’s a guide for figuring out where you should start each hole:

Tee It Forward Guide

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