Hey Bankers, The Lamest Job Ever Is Up For Grabs

parking meter

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org


New York City wants to hire investment banks to improve the way assets are managed — from parking meters to buildings — but the mayor on Friday flatly rejected selling any of these valuable properties.

It sounds like you’d be trading┬áthe city’s quarters and dimes, which is┬álike playing the slot machines while your friends are at the poker table.

But actually! That’s not the job at all. It’s doing the exact opposite, according to Bloomberg, who said:

“We are not going to sell assets in return for money we spend balancing our budget.”

“It’s a short-term fix that leaves you much worse off down the road.”

So you wouldn’t be managing money at all. Instead, your job would be amazingly, even lamer.

Bloomberg made it clear he would only consider privatizing the way, for example, equipment is installed and maintained.

Sounds like hell.

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