Hey, Apple and Steve Jobs, Really, What's With The Deceptive Advertising?

Dan Frommer describes here how AT&T 3G iPhone users are using much less bandwidth than AT&T expected because AT&T’s 3G iPhone service is so crappy. Dan recently got a software update from Apple that improved the 3G service, which suggests that the problem was Apple’s problem. But his phone is still slow.

So it’s time Apple responded to the advertisment below (from August).  The ad appears to demonstrate a 3G iPhone that has never been seen in the wild and bears no resemblance to the 3G iPhones Apple is minting money with.


Is Apple’s advertising as deceptive as it seems? What does Steve Jobs have to say about this? Are Apple’s quality standards–from products to messaging–starting to slip? We know Apple’s working hard to make the 3G phone faster, but it’s time the company also responded to the ad.

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