AOL "Content Objects" Makers: Here's Who To Blame!

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Yesterday we giggled over job advertisements from AOL Real Estate because they called the work AOL media people produce (videos, slideshows, and articles) “content objects.”

Now we know who to blame!

Meet Craig Bromberg, “Editor in chief AOL Real Estate at AOL,” according to LInkedIn.

According to his Twitter profile,  “Craig Bromberg does business and content strategy and product management for the world’s biggest media, consumer, and finance brands including Time Warner, Disney, Samsung, Citibank and Bertelsmann — as well as tiny startups.”

It goes on:

“As a journalist, Bromberg has covered business, media, innovation, pop culture and music for the likes of The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York, and Smasung’s award-winning DigitAll, of which he was editor-in-chief for several years. His book The Wicked Ways of Malcom McLaren, a critical look at the man who managed the SEx Pistols, was a top 10 rock book of 1991.”

On his personal blog, Craig’s recent posts are titled:

  • Do ya dig the New Mediators?
  • Nichepapers: Xtreme Journalism?
  • organising self-organising demand

Here’s his LinkedIn resume:

Craig Bromberg

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