Hey America, It's Time To Forgive Michael Vick

mike michael vick eagles football nfl

Yes, the maligned Eagles quarterback proved himself a sadistic narcissist. But he’s served his time, and he’s dazzling in his second act. Buzz Bissinger on why America should let Vick off the hook.

I have gone round and round on the moral merry-go-round on Michael Vick.

When I first learned about what he had done in 2007—participated in acts of torture that were gleefully sadistic—I was sickened. I could just imagine Vick and his posse yukking it up as another dog went into spasmodic jerks of electrocution, or yelped in harrowing screams as another one was being hung. But these boys liked their deaths slow and showy.

Read the full article at The Daily Beast.

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