Heston Blumenthal wants to change the name of the world's biggest restaurant awards to '50 Favourite'

Heston Blumenthal.

The Oscars of restaurants are on in Melbourne tonight, with the London-based 50 Best Restaurants awards relocating to Australia for the annual culinary countdown.

But British chef Heston Blumenthal, whose restaurant The Fat Duck is a previous number one, while Dinner by Heston in London has also featured on the 50 best list, has joined a growing chorus of chefs who’ve criticised the term “best” to describe the list.

Speaking on Channel 10’s The Project this week, the acclaimed chef argued the name of the awards should be changed, because restaurants and food are about the emotions they create.

“I have an issue with ‘the best’,” he said.

“What makes one restaurant better than another? It’s not better because there’s an emotion. It should be the 50 favourite restaurants.”

Blumenthal also has a Dinner by Heston in Melbourne’s Crown resort and is in town to receive the Lifetime Achievement award from The World’s 50 Best.

Talking about the Australian culinary scene, he said it’s “the biggest food revolution I’ve seen”.

The World’s 50 Best restaurants will be announced tonight, beginning at 8pm.

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