The insane 100-step Heston Blumenthal 'Verjus in Egg' dessert MasterChef contestants made in the finale


Heston Blumenthal is renowned for crazy dishes that trick the senses.

And his dessert on last night’s finale of MasterChef, was no different.

What appeared to be a simple boiled egg, was in fact an almost 100-step recipe which consisted of coconut pannacotta, a verjus egg yolk and a chocolate-layered egg shell.

The faces of contestants, Elena Duggan, 32, and Matt Sinclair, 27, said it all.

Screenshot: MasterChef Australia/ Network Ten.
Screenshot: MasterChef Australia/ Network Ten.

It took a grueling five and a half hours.

But they both manage to complete the dish with all the elements on the plate.

Then disaster struck.

It’s not good news for Sinclair.

Ultimately, the dessert got Duggan over the line and she was named winner of MasterChef Australia 2016.

See the recipe in full here.

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