Heston Blumenthal is opening up free pop-up stores in Melbourne

Photo: Heston Blumenthal.

Heston Blumenthal is opening up four pop-up stores in Melbourne in early March.

The best part is they will be free.

The British chef is launching the pop-stores to the public as part of “Heston Week” on the eighth series of MasterChef Australia.

In the past, Blumenthal has made frequent appearances on the Channel 10 program challenging contestants to recreate signature dishes such as his bacon and egg ice cream, “edible garden”, snail porridge as well as mock turtle soup.

But this year, the celebrity chef will be hosting four pop-up stores at separate locations across Melbourne which Blumenthal has described as being like “a second home since Dinner by Heston opened.”

The Hidden Heston pop-ups will be a huge departure from Blumenthal’s three-star restaurant The Fat Duck, which relocated from England to Melbourne’s Crown Resorts for six months last year.

Late last year, the Crown site was converted into his first overseas restaurant and the second outlet of his historical diner, Dinner by Heston.

The 16-course degustation menu at The Fat Duck, which featured favourites such as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Botrytis cinerea and Sound of the Sea, came in at $525 per head.

The clues for the pop-up stores in Melbourne will be disclosed to fans of the reality cooking show with details of the location only to be revealed shortly before the opening.

Each store will be “open for one service-only”.

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