This French Presidential Hopeful Is Apparently A Time Traveller


[credit provider=”Getty Images/Pascal le Segretain”]

The ability to make moving speeches is one quality every politician worth his salt knows he must have. However, one French presidential hopeful may have taken this advice a little too seriously.Herve Morin, presidential hopeful and The New Centre party leader told supporters gathered in Nice on Sunday that he had witnesses the D-Day Normandy landings of World War II. 

“You, some among you, with grey hair, witnessed the storming of the Provence beach. I saw the landing of allied troops in Normandy. We have faced challenges that were much more difficult than the ones we face today,” he said, according to France 24.

The only problem? Allied troops stormed Normandy in 1944. Morin was born in 1961.


Morin tried to save face on Tuesday, tweeting: “When one is Norman, the American white crosses are part of one’s DNA”. He added: “Congratulations for your humour! When I tell you that the French are full of creativity!”

But the damage had already been done. The gaffe ensured that ‘#MorinMcFly‘, a reference to the time-travelling movie trilogy ‘Back to the Future’, was trending on Twitter. Tweets included everything from “Breaking News: Hervé #Morin won the battle of Austerlitz on the side of Napoleon Bonaparte. #MorinMcFly” to “Every evening Morin relaxes over a glass of wine with his old buddy Jesus! #MorinMcfly” and “J’avais prévenu Eve au sujet de la pomme… #MorinMcFly”.

Things have already not been going great for Morin. The  former minister of defence is at a dismal 0.5 per cent in the opinion polls, and even his own party members want him to quit the race and endorse President Sarkozy, according to The Local. He doesn’t even have enough endorsement signatures to make his candidacy official.