Hershey's Is About To Start Selling Its First New Candy In 30 Years

Hershey’s is going to start selling its first new candy brand in three decades.

The new caramel cream candy, called Lancaster, will premiere in U.S. stores in January, reports Susan Berfield at Bloomberg Businessweek.

The candy is named after the Lancaster Caramel Co., which Milton Hershey managed before he founded his famous brand, Berfield reports.

The candy has been available in China since May, according to a press release by the company.

“Lancaster products will compete with traditional candies in China’s ‘milk candy’ confection category that account for one quarter of the total candy market in China,” the company said in the release.

In addition to being the first new brand in 30 years, Lancaster candies are the first Hershey brand to launch outside the U.S., the company said.

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