Heroku, The Cloud Platform That Plenty Of Startups Use, Was Under Cyberattack *

EDIT: The issue is fixed.


Heroku, which tons of startups use to host their web applications, is currently down, taking startups with it. The site’s status page says it thinks it’s under attack.

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets people run online services written in Ruby on Rails, a popular web development framework. It’s used by startups like location-based social network SCVNGR and big companies like Best Buy. Salesforce recently acquired the Y Combinator company for $212 million.

Heroku’s status blog says it’s having availability issues from what they think is a “DDoS,” or distributed denial of service, attack, one of the most popular and annoying forms of online attacks. Grople founder Laurent Kretz tells us this has been going on since yesterday night. We’re reaching out to Heroku for more info.

In the meantime, a look at Twitter shows people are affected:

heroku twitter
heroku twitter
heroku twitter

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