A Heroic Climber With No Legs Scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro

Spencer West

Photo: YouTube via freethechildrenintl

An inspirational 31-year-old climber who lost his legs at age five made history in Tanzania yesterday when he made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.Spencer West, from Toronto, Canada, climbed the tallest mountain in Africa using just his hands to raise over $500,000 dollars for Free The Children, an international charity and youth empowerment organisation.

Spencer and his crew climbed 19,341-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro over the course of seven gruelling days.

West trained for an entire year, and climbed 80 per cent of the mountain using only his hands (the rest of the hike he spent in a wheelchair).

He even posted blog updates and video recaps of each day, and it’s worth reading through every word. Here’s a snippet of West reflecting on the journey atop the summit:

“Today I reached the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa by, for the most part, walking on my hands. And I did it with my best friends. I will live in this moment again and again for the rest of my life. And if I ever second-guess what’s possible, that doubt will be obliterated.
What is possible for me has now been redefined. That is my hope for all of us.

Here’s a what a typical day of climbing up Kilimanjaro looked like for West.

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