Heroic Cat Saves A Boy From A Vicious Attack By Knocking The Wind Out Of Dog

A family cat came to the rescue of a young boy who was attacked by a neighbour’s dog.

The boy was riding a tricycle in front of his house in California when the dog came up from behind and bit his leg, breaking the skin and knocking the little guy over.

Then out of nowhere, the family cat comes charging in and launches itself at the dog. The dog is clearly blindsided by the feline ‘s powerful moves and runs away. The boy’s mother comes running out moments later.

The whole ordeal seems to have been captured by home security cameras that were pieced together by the boy’s father and posted to YouTube in a video under the title “My cat saved my son.” The video seems to have been made private now, though.

The boy had to get stitches for the bite marks. Sadly, the dog was put into quarantine after the Tuesday attack and “will be destroyed,” according to The Telegraph.

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