This 'Heroes' reboot promo totally casts aside the show's original point

Before superheroes were completely mainstream in movie theatres, there was “Heroes,” NBC’s four-season series from 2006-2010 which revolved around ordinary people who found out they had superhuman powers.

Remember “Save the cheerleader, save the world“?

That was the tagline which helped the first season of the series become a big hit back in 2006. 

It was so successful it spawned endless parodies. Rival networks ABC and Fox used variations on the line to help promote shows “Ugly Betty” and “Family Guy,” respectively.

It wasn’t exactly clear what the phrase meant beyond saving Hayden Panettiere’s character Claire, and it really didn’t matter. Over 13 million people were tuning in weekly to find out what happened to the mysterious cheerleader and the other superhumans that could possibly bring danger to her and the rest of the world.

On Thursday, NBC is reviving the series, but don’t expect to see the cheerleader around.

It looks like the show, aptly titled “Heroes: Reborn,” is going to wipe its hands clean of the tagline that helped make the original series go global nearly a decade ago.

A new promo released for the series tells us what finally happened to Claire after all those years.

Heroes rebornNBCOh.

Apparently, Claire died about a year prior to the start of the reboot, according to creator Tim Kring, in a terrorist attack — even though her character had the ability to self heal. 

Wait. So does this mean the fate of the world didn’t rest on saving a cheerleader?

Apparently not.

Now, there’s a new group of “heroes,” and they’re all ready to save the world from the people responsible for this attack that killed Claire and numerous others.

Their new tagline?

“Forget about the past, save the future.”

Or at least that’s what is said in the promo.

Check it out below.

 “Heroes Reborn” premieres on NBC Thursday at 8 p.m.

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