Where are they now? The original cast of 'Heroes' 9 years later

Heroes claire NBCDon’t expect to see Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) back on ‘Heroes.’

Thursday night, NBC is reviving its nearly decade old hit, “Heroes.”

The show, which ran for four seasons before getting canceled, revolved around ordinary humans who gained super powers.

Heroes: Reborn” will take place five years after the first series ended.

While we’ll see some of the original cast, most of them won’t return. Many have moved on to other hit TV shows and big movie franchises.

Scroll on to find out what the original “Heroes” are up to today.

THEN: Hayden Panetierre rose to fame as Claire Bennett, the cheerleader who needed protection in order to save the world.


NOW: The actress graduated from hero to superstar. The fourth season of her hit show 'Nashville' with Connie Britton just started on ABC. Panettiere is also a mum. She gave birth to daughter Kaya in 2014.

ABC/Mark Levine

THEN: Jack Coleman played Claire's overprotective dad, known as the mysterious man with the horn-rimmed glasses.


THEN: Adrian Pasdar played Nathan Petrelli, an aspiring congressman until he found out he could fly.


NOW: Pasdar has kept busy voicing Iron Man in a number of video game and animated series. You can currently see him on ABC's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' as the villainous General Glenn Talbot.


THEN: Milo Ventimiglia played Nathan's brother, Peter, who discovered he could replicate others' powers. It was his mission to save the cheerleader.


THEN: Known for her roles in the first two 'Final Destination' movies, Ali Larter played two identical sisters on 'Heroes' in seasons one and three.


NOW: Larter went on to star in two 'Resident Evil' movies based off the game and a thriller with Beyoncé called 'Obsessed.' She'll appear in the sixth and final 'Resident Evil' instalment titled 'The Final Chapter.'

Sony Screen Gems

THEN: Noah Grey-Cabey played her son Micah, a child prodigy who could manipulate machinery through technopathy.


THEN: After working at George Lucas' visual effects company ILM on the 'Star Wars' prequel series, Masi Oka played fan favourite, and comic relief, Hiro Nakamura, who could travel through time.


NOW: Oka made appearances in shows and movies ranging from the animated 'Robot Chicken' and 'Hawaii Five-0' to 2013's 'Jobs.' He'll reprise his role as Hiro in 'Heroes Reborn.'

Sophie Giraud/NBC

THEN: Zachary Quinto played the psychotic serial killer Sylar bent on stealing bent on stealing the superpowers of anyone endowed with them.

NOW: You probably recognise Quinto today for playing Spock in the rebooted 'Star Trek' franchise. If you're a fan of 'American Horror Story,' he showed up in season 2 as a twisted psychiatrist.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty

THEN: Greg Grunberg played police officer Matt Parkman who could control people's minds through telepathy.


NOW: Grunberg has appeared in shows ranging from 'The Client List' to 'Masters of Sex.' While he'll reprise his role on 'Heroes Reborn,' Grunberg will also be playing rebel alien Gorwyn in this year's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

Sophie Giraud/NBC

THEN: Sendhil Ramamurthy played genetics' professor Mohinder Suresh studying the superhumans popping up on Earth.


NOW: Since 'Heroes,' Ramamurthy has appeared in shows ranging from 'The Office' to CW's 'Beauty & The Beast. He'll also be back as Mohinder in 'Heroes Reborn.'


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