Herman Cain's Chief Of Staff Finally Explains Infamous Smoking Ad

mark block smoking herman cain videoMark Block

Photo: thehermancain

Mark Block, chief of staff for former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, finally explained the infamous ad featuring him smoking a cigarette and Cain’s creepy smile. Block called the ad “historic” citing its viral success.Turns out the video, which was shot outside a Las Vegas casino after a CNN debate, was intended to be of Cain, but the candidate was unavailable—so the campaign turned to Block instead, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“They said, ‘Mark we’ve always wanted to deliver a message to our activists, our supporters,’ grabbed me, took me outside the Encore, shot it.” said Block. “Never thought twice about the fact that I smoke.”

You can watch the explanation here:

 And the ad here.

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