Proof That The Media's Priorities Are Totally Screwed Up

Pew’s annual State of the News Media report gives a lot of insight into the delivery and consumption of news, but there was perhaps no more telling statistic than this: Herman Cain was the third biggest newsmaker of 2011. 

He was the primary newsmaker of 577 of the stories Pew studied during the year. That’s more than any of the current GOP presidential candidates, several key Middle East figures, and even professional attention-seeker Donald Trump.

According to the report, to be considered the newsmaker of a given story, more than 50 per cent of the story must be focused on that person. 

While Cain was a big player last year, Cain coverage has receded in the news cycle in 2012. Two of his most recent stints in the media involve torturing a goldfish and screaming about “9-9-9” during a low-stakes Las Vegas poker game.

Check out Pew’s chart for the breakdown of 2011’s top newsmakers: 

pew newsmakers

Photo: Pew Research centre’s Project For Excellence in Journalism

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