The 4 Most Worrisome Things Herman Cain Said This Weekend

Herman Cain Meet The Press

Herman Cain is currently tied in the polls with Mitt Romney

Which, practically speaking, is a good thing since he is currently so far behind in the fundraising that he is going to need all the popular support he can get.

However, one wonders if CNN’s recent poll heralding Cain’s rise will appear in hindsight to be the peak of Cain’s presidential run.

There’s a couple of reasons for this.  The first is that that same CNN poll revealed that two thirds of the GOP voters polled said they’d be willing to change their vote down the line.

Oh those fickle voters.

The second reason is that in his first weekend on the receiving end of the full (harsh) spotlight of the media Herman Cain did not exactly present himself as a reliable candidate.  And by reliable we mean, someone who should have access to the launch codes.

Cain revealed this during his somewhat epic Meet the Press interview.

Cain has been notoriously weak on foreign policy, but this exchange on MTP highlighted just how weak.

Currently Americans are focused on one thing: The economy. Which largely explains why a candidate like Cain has amassed such popular support. However, one imagines we need only to face even a small security risk for this glaring ineptness on his part to develop into a fatal flaw.

Some poor people will pay more taxes.

So far Cain's big boon has been his easy-to-understand '9-9-9' tax plan.

However after a grilling from David Gregory, Cain admitted 'Some people will pay more...But most people will pay less...The people who spend more on new goods will pay more.'

Suddenly '9-9-9' not only becomes less simple, it also becomes less appealing to the very people it was initially attractive to.

If Cain continues to hold strong in the poll he will be answering for that admission for the foreseeable future.

Cain doesn't seem entirely sure of his views on abortion.

Dan Amira points out that Cain more or less contradicted himself when he told David Gregory that without exception he's against abortion.

However, in cases where the mother's health is at risk the 'family is going to have to make that decision.'

Add it to the list of thing Cain seems unsure about.

The electric border fence.

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