WATCH: Herman Cain Totally Killed It On The Daily Show Last Night

Herman Cain returned to the spotlight last night for the inaugural interview for The Daily Show’s “Inside the Political Curtain,” a new segment hosted by John Oliver that parodies James Lipton’s “Inside The Actor’s Studio.” 

In the interview, Oliver revisits some of The Hermanator’s most memorable moments from his short-lived 2012 primary campaign — including his “Ubeki-beki-stan” comment and the infamous Libya gaffe — and allows Cain to offer explanations for his gaffes. 

As usual, it is not clear if Cain is in on the joke, but he handles the questions with his characteristically bewildering charm.

But the best part of the interview by far comes at the end, when Oliver asks Cain to give a 30-second speech, imagining that he is president and that the Earth is being attacked by aliens.

Cain’s “Citizens of Earth” speech is, predictable, priceless. 

Watch the interview below, courtesy of The Daily Show:  

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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