This Is The New Herman Cain Poll Everyone Is Puzzling Over

herman cain moses

Following Tuesday’s debate — during which Herman Cain got hammered on his ‘9-9-9’ tax plan — the general consensus seemed to be his campaign was essentially over.

Cain had gone into the debate tied with Romney in the polls despite a bumpy few days in the media spotlight.

Here’s the surprising thing: He seems to have stayed there.

A new poll out from Rasmussen reveals that Cain is ahead in Iowa.  Way ahead.

The survey shows Cain ahead with 28%, Romney is polling at 21% and Perry is way back at 7% behind Gingrich (9%) and Bachmann (8%).


As with a recent national poll of GOP voters, it’s important to note that a full two thirds of those polled have not made up their minds: “Only one-third of the caucus-goers (32%) are certain of their vote and don’t expect to change their mind. Among these voters, 30% prefer Cain, 22% Romney, and 17% Paul.”

So among the 30% who are already really into this election Cain is way ahead.  Everyone else is pretty much up for grabs.

Why is Cain still ahead in that 30% group even after demonstrating his total lack of foreign policy knowledge and having his ‘9-9-9’ plan essentially torn apart?  

Considering Iowan’s high regard for on-the-ground, door-to-door political operations and keeping in mind Cain’s Iowa operation thus far essentially consists of the Godfather pizza outlets located there (not nothing, but still) perhaps this is as much a measure of Cain’s appeal as it is the other candidates total lack of it.

Either way, Cain is clearly not quite out of the game yet.

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