HERMAN CAIN: "I Am Not In This To Get A TV Show"

From tonight’s Erin Burnett CNN show.

Burnett: “There’s a lot of scepticism about your candidacy.  Are you for real?”

Cain: “I am for real.  This is Herman Cain.  They will know I am in this to win it.  I am not in this to try and raise my profile or get a TV show.  I wasn’t at that point in my life.”

Emphasis mine. 

With Romney as the ‘inevitable’ leader right now there is a wide open space on the GOP stage for people to do just that.  It certainly worked for Huckabee, Palin, and to a lesser extent Gingrich and Santorum (before they were forced by Ailes to chose between their candidacy and their paid talking head gig).

Burnett’s show is on at 7pm.

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