Here’s The REAL Story About Herman Cain’s Endorsement

herman cain half smile

[credit provider=”Courtesy of ABC News”]

Herman Cain, the GOP-candidate that wasn’t, has been all over the airwaves this week, teasing his upcoming Republican presidential endorsement. In a series of cable news interviews, Cain has said that he plans on making an “unconventional endorsement” when he delivers a speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Charleston, S.C., on January 19, two days before the state’s GOP primary.

The news has sparked media speculation over whether Cain plans to finally throw his support behind his pal Newt Gingrich, or, better yet, unsuspend his campaign and throw his own hat back in the ring.

But Business Insider has a pretty good idea about “who” Cain plans to endorse.

Sources familiar with Cain and his quixotic campaign tell Business Insider that it is very likely Cain plans on using the speech to endorse his signature 9-9-9 tax plan, and perhaps even offer his support to any candidate who does the same.

We reported earlier this month that Cain had given up on supporting one of his former rivals, after none of them agreed to endorse his 9-9-9 plan. Given Cain’s penchant for absurdism, it’s not surprising that he would take matters into his own hands by forcing his opponents to publicly take a stance on 9-9-9.

It’s a characteristically strange move that could throw Cain back into the news cycle right before the all-important South Carolina vote, or prove his political irrelevancy once and for all.

Either way, it’s safe to expect we’ll be seeing a little bit more of The Hermanator as the 2012 Republican race drags on — after all, he still has a bus with his face on it.