Herman Cain Is Updating His 9-9-9 Plan At This Sad Rally In Detroit

Herman Cain is wrapping up a rally in Detroit (the one his campaign pretended happened yesterday), in which he revised his “9-9-9” plan to include “Opportunity Zones” where poor people could live and work without having to pay taxes. 

From what we could see from the campaign’s livestream, the rally itself looked like a pretty dismal affair. About 40 people showed up to hear Cain speak outside of the decrepit Michigan Central Station, and from the attrition rate, it appears that a lot of them were curious onlookers rather than true Cain supporters (although there was one Don’t Tread On Me flag and a sign about Cain and Clintoncare).

The rally started with at least 30 minutes of introductions, including a poem about the 9-9-9 plan from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece. Curiously, Cain was on stage for the entire thing, eschewing the sort of grand entrance typical of presidential candidates.

The rough production is another indication that Cain’s campaign organisation has a very long way to go to catch up to the candidate’s new frontrunner status.

Here’s a picture of the rally.

herman cain detroit rally

Photo: Courtesy of cainforpresident

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