Former NFL Coach Hilariously Compares Johnny Manziel To Disney World's 'Tower Of Terror'

After being drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel’s social life has remained front-and-center in the world of social media and the only people who were surprised by this is apparently the people in the front office of the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have been “alarmed” by some of Manziel’s off-season behaviour since joining the team according to Mary Kay Cabot of

Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards reacted to the news that the Browns have been surprised by Manziel’s “antics” by making a funny comparison to his young children wanting to ride the “Tower of Terror” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Despite Edwards’ warnings, the children insisted on going on the ride. Afterwards, the girls are scared and shaking to which Edwards can only say “I told you, that’s the ride!”

Edwards then explained how this compares to Manziel:

“That’s Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns. You drafted him. You knew this guy socially was the Tower of Terror. Now all of the sudden you give him a Cleveland Browns helmet and a jersey and you say ‘oh, we’re surprised at how he acts.’ Really? How can you be surprised?”

Here is the video. The story about his daughters starts at the 0:52 mark.

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