Here's Your Official Guide To Strip And Sirloin Prices At New York's Steakhouses

peter luger steak

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bloomberg News food critic Ryan Sutton does a masterful job of helping NYC omnivores navigate the city’s ever-growing web of restaurants on his blogs The Price Hike and The Bad Deal.But now he’s gone over and above, launching a feature that the expense account set will appreciate—a list of steak prices at New York’s steakhouses.

He’s kicked off the series with the menu prices for strips and sirloins from Del Frisco’s to Outback.

Sure, the serving sizes fluctuate across the board, but the list gives a good snapshot of what beef prices are right now in New York, something meat eaters will want to keep an eye on considering the effect the current drought could have on steak prices in the near future.

The priciest steak on Sutton’s comprehensive list comes from the Four Seasons, at $75. And—no surprise here—the cheapest can be had at Outback, for $20 to $24. But as Sutton helpfully notes of the chain, “beef is a luxury, not a commodity, so avoid.”

You can check out his full list here.

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