Here's Your New Regulatory Regime

The new world of financial regulation is bound to be maddeningly complex, but we’ll give the Treasury credit for breaking it down into a nice four page fact sheet. The whole thing is worth reading, but here are how they describe the four components of reform:

1) Addressing Systemic Risk: This crisis – and the cases of firms like Lehman Brothers and AIG – has made clear  that certain large, interconnected firms and markets need to be under a more consistent and more conservative regulatory regime. It is not enough to address the potential insolvency of individual institutions – we must also ensure the stability of the system itself.

2) Protecting Consumers and Investors: It is crucial that when households make choices to invest their savings we  have clear rules of the road that prevent manipulation and abuse. While outright fraud like that perpetrated by Bernie Madoff is already illegal, these cases highlight the need to strengthen enforcement and improve  transparency for all investors. Lax regulation also left too many households exposed to deception and abuse when  taking out home mortgage loans

3) Eliminating Gaps in Our Regulatory Structure: Our regulatory structure must assign clear authority, resources, and accountability for each of its key functions.  We must not let turf wars or concerns about the shape of  organizational charts prevent us from establishing a substantive system of regulation that meets the needs of the American people.  

4) Fostering International Coordination: To keep pace with increasingly global markets, we must ensure that international rules for financial regulation are consistent with the high standards we will be implementing in the United States.  Additionally, we will launch a new, three-pronged initiative to address prudential supervision, tax havens, and money laundering issues in weakly-regulated jurisdictions.  

The full document is embedded below.

reg reform fact sheet

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