Here's Woolworths CEO Grant O'Brien's Advice For Getting Ahead

Woolworths boss Grant O’Brien has developed a new youth employment scheme called Generation Success that he hopes will give more young people improved career prospects.

O’Brien, who now leads a $46 billion company that employs 190,000 people, told News Corp that volunteering as an apprentice electrician and other parts of his career taught him lessons that still apply to his work today.

Here’s a summary of some of the advice he had for those who have only recently entered the workforce.

  • Volunteer yourself: “You put yourself front and centre saying, ‘Hey, I’m willing to make a sacrifice to demonstrate to you that I’m worthy of your trust and worthy of you giving me a job”.
  • Do well at school because it will give you more choices.
  • Clean Up After Yourself: “If the husband and wife went to work that morning and came home that night and in between you’d been in and put in two lights and three power points they’d better not have found a speck of plaster dust anywhere to give an indication that you’d been there.”
  • Have Good Customer Service Skills
  • Find Something You Enjoy Doing: “Are you in something that you really kick the covers off every morning and want to do? If you’re not, change. Don’t persevere.”
  • Find a mentor.
  • Have a plan and let people know what it is.

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