Here's why there's suddenly a bunch of video game ads on Sky News and Sky Business

Lately there’s been a bunch of game apps, including Forge of Empires, screening ads on Sky’s business and news channels.

Video games and business news? There’s a logical link.

The businesspeople and political junkies who watch the news channels love strategy, have some money, and are a key target for the game companies.

Dennis Heinert, a spokesman for Forge of Empires maker Innogames, told Business Insider that some types of TV advertising “is under certain conditions even more successful than the traditional Google Adwords campaigns (which we are of course still using, too).”

He said: “The average age for Forge of Empires players is 37 years, which fits the audience on that channel very well. Plus we are especially interested in grown up players who have their own income. This also applies for the very most of the people who watch that channel.”

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game in which players are tasked with leading a city to prosperity. They can research new technologies, build impressive historical buildings and enlarge their sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealing — similar to what happens on the trading floor.

“The game mechanics are very convenient for people who do not have that much time,” Heinert said.

“You can play it with 15-20 minutes per day and you don’t have to be worried to be conquered by core gamers. It’s completely up to the user to decide the game speed.

“This works well for people who have a job and eventually a family.”

Forge of Empires was designed with traders in mind and includes a lot of trading features in the game.

“There are more than 50 different goods. You cannot produce all of them but you need all of them. That obviously encourages trading.”

The majority of the company’s games have been designed for an older age group, they’re not targeting kids, although some children do play.

“We’re looking for players who have their own income,” Heinhart said. “Our business model is based on in-game purchases.”

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