Here's Why The Toilets On Your Trading Floor Are So Disgusting

dollar toilet

If you have ever had the misfortune of visiting the men’s restroom on the trading floor of a major financial institution, you know that they tend to make medieval cesspools look sanitary.

Sometimes they are such a mess that you find yourself wondering if someone tipped the entire room upside down and shook it for a few minutes, spreading the contents of the toilets and trash cans everywhere.

We’re told by one close friend who bounced around between a bunch of investment banks in the 1990s that the worst restroom was Bear Stearns. Lehman’s old restrooms, before it moved into the new headquarters, were supposedly a close runner up.

So why are these places so bad?

“It’s the diet of these guys,” one former investment bank research analyst told us. He frequently found himself on the trading floor below where the research operations were housed, talking with traders. He tried his best not to use their bathroom.

“They go out at night. They eat steaks. Drink rich red wine. Then the next day they pour coffee down their throats. It get’s so they can’t control themselves. They’re practically exploding,” he said.

So now you know.

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