Here's Why The Guy That Sings 'United Breaks Guitars' Is At CeBIT 2014

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The guy who wrote United Breaks Guitars and became a YouTube sensation is roaming around the CeBIT tech conference in Sydney.

Dave Carroll wrote United Breaks Guitars when the American airline’s ground staff broke his Taylor guitar and wouldn’t take responsibility.

He posted the video below on Youtube in 2009, gained worldwide attention and caused a PR headache for United Airlines. Almost five years it has almost had more than 14 million views.

Speaking at the CeBIT tech conference in Sydney on Monday he said his “bad experience” with the airline drove him to create the video on a $150 budget.

He said the rise of social media and digital technology makes it easier for customers to voice their opinions and makes it more important for companies to understand and connect with consumers.

“That was one of the first instances where we saw the power of social media to make businesses crumble,” Flamingo founder Dr Catriona Wallace said when discussing the rise of the consumer and the importance of customer experiences.

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