Here's Why The City Of San Francisco Just Outlawed Macs

macbook pro woahCity employees need to say goodbye to new Macs.

Photo: Flickr / surgee

The City of San Francisco has  banned the purchase of any more Apple computers by all of its agencies.The City is alarmed that Apple has turned its back on the environment, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Last week, Apple withdrew from EPEAT, a government-backed certification program that ensures electronics are recyclable, low energy and otherwise environmentally friendly.

Apple asked EPEAT to pull 39 desktop computers, monitors, and laptops off its list of certified products. This includes past versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the WSJ’s Joel Schectman reports.

Apple has apparently decided to use a lot of glue in its devices, particularly the new MacBook Pros, making them harder to repair and recycle. The battery is superglued to the case, as is the trackpad cable, a teardown by iFixIt revealed.

iFixit’s Kyle Wiens declared the MacBook Pro 15″ Retina Display model the “least the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart.”

If the battery can’t be removed, a broken MacBook isn’t just unrepairable, it is also very difficult to recycle.

So, San Francisco is saying good-bye to all new Apple desktops and laptops.

“We are disappointed that Apple chose to withdraw from EPEAT,” Melanie Nutter, director of San Francisco’s Department of Environment told the WSJ, “and we hope that the city saying it will not buy Apple products will make Apple reconsider its participation.”

Ironically, Apple was one of the companies that helped create the EPEAT standards back in 2006, and had been faithfully registering its products all these many years.

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