Here's The Real Reason Why Ray Dalio's "No Gossip" Rule Makes No Sense Whatsoever

Steven Bell of GLC Macro has some ideas about why Dalio’s rule banning employees from gossiping about one another doesn’t make sense, but here’s the real reason it shouldn’t exist.

Most of Ray Dalio’s 295 principles are weird different, but this one in particular just does not make sense:

Principal No. 11: “Never say anything about a person you wouldn’t say to him directly. If you do, you are a slimy weasel.”

If an employee breaks the rule three times, they can be fired, says the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s the problem with it.

Let’s say Doug overhears Bob talking smack about his colleagues behind their backs three times. So Doug goes to Ray and says, “Bob talked about your people three times.”

Doug just broke Principle #11 himself.

The way the rule is designed, Bridgewater folks can’t get one another in trouble for gossiping without risking earning themselves a strike. (If tattling on someone for gossiping gets you a pass, then that’s really f-ed up.)

It makes such little sense that now we question whether or not it actually exists at all. How can it?

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